Snap Out of It!

Man Binge Watching on Couch

Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep – Prov 6:9

It starts with a little. A little sleep. A little slumber. A little folding of the hands to sleep. Binge resting. Maybe it doesn’t always include a closing of the eyes, but as with many unprofitable pastimes – it probably will lead to poverty.

When “just a little …” or “just one more” begins to multiply … Snap Out of It!

The Hare laid back for a little snooze – and lost the race.

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Happiness is for the Birds

Happiness is for the birds.

For the river running downstream.

And for breakfast with Angela T.

Some might see their own day as rote or mundane. But it’s all in how you look at it, really.

Happiness resides in the new. In jaw-dropping experiences. With moments of out loud laughter. Times we wish we could rewind and replay over and over. But we can’t. And there is the separation between us and the birds.

Birds flying high, they know what I mean …

Many are averse to change, don’t like it when their routine is interrupted, yet complain about the same old-same old. Maybe they are spending too much time on the rewind of happiness past and missing out on the incoming new.

One reason I practice Early to Rise is to experience the freshness of a new day.

Butterflies know what I mean.

Have fun. It’s a new day.

Wearing Black and Blue

Mike Sansone and Angela SansoneMy closet is filled with blacks (slacks) and blues (shirts). Occasionally, I get a glance or a question about my color choices. I offer this explanation:

Wearing Black and Blue

I often wear a uniform of Blacks and Blues
Just an anecdote in a story full of Good News.

In this world, we will get hurt, maybe even bleed
But there’s more to this story found in the Bible I read.

Living in this world presenting its troubles and woe
In times of both better and worse, to the Rock I go.

For there I find His promises: faithful, true, and tight
Washing away blacks and blues, turning them to gold and white.

If you find you’re at a junction, not knowing what to do
Fix your thoughts and focus on Jesus: Faithful, Sufficient, Everlastingly loving you.

John 16:33

Keeper Thoughts and Wild Bones

Mike Thinking About WritingWhile I much prefer to write first from the heart, and then rewrite with my head (Finding Forrester clip), occasionally during a quiet time I find myself writing (rehearsing?) in my mind.

As she came into the room, she asked what I was doing.

“I’m writing,” I said, and continued looking out the window.

Truth is, I had already written a draft and was simply polishing the thought, though many additions and addenda came about during this pondering.

And there was a tablet for notes on the table before me to help capture keeper thoughts and wild bones.

Early to Rise

Toronto SunriseAs I begin to write this, I sit in a quiet dining area of a rural McDonalds. Not quite 5:30 on a Saturday morning, it will remain quiet for a time.

I enjoy the quiet of an early morning. On this morning, I’ve enjoyed quiet for a couple of hours already.

I am early to rise. It’s weird for others; It works for me.

A dozen years ago, I was a bi-vocational pastor, also serving as a property manager for a large self-storage property. Working at two full-time jobs, both of which I enjoyed immensely,

I had to find ways to carve time within time to get what needed to be done and still have the freedom and flexibility to pivot on a day’s need.

  • A 24-hour Walmart.
  • A Home Depot that opens at 5 AM.
  • A Cracker Barrel open at 6AM
  • A self-storage property with no one around until after 7 AM.

I got more work done before sunrise than most people get done all day. By doing so, I was able to answer calls that seemed urgent to others while remaining calm and patient. Able to schedule for serendipity. I got hooked on the early mornings because of the freedom to pivot. I stay with it because of the quiet.

I value the quiet of an early morning.

I am early to rise. Not so much because I can’t sleep. Not because I can’t wait to get to Panera or McDonald’s. I like the crisp and fresh feeling of the beginnings of the day. It works for me. It’s not right for everyone – and that’s good.

I thirst for the quiet of an early morning.

photo credit: paul bica via photopin cc