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storm-clouds-brewingAlso, there was a time I was using my Facebook to post a lot of personal or spiritual thoughts. That wasn’t too comfortable. Not because the response wasn’t good (it was) or that it was controversial (it wasn’t), but it didn’t fit.

Facebook is really rented space. While valuable for updating distanced friends and family of happenings, the numerous changes that happen to how Facebook presents items in my stream reminds me – it’s rented space. Free, but borrowed really.

And if Facebook ever shuts down, there goes my … everything I posted.

On this space,while it can go quiet – as it has in the past year – if it goes completely away, it’s by my own doing.  I can post non-business thoughts in full, without limitations, with plenty of experimentations, and share it on Facebook when I deem appropriate. Sharing it there still updates friends and family (if they see it in their stream), but it resides here – on my site.

There are often things and thoughts I want to record somewhere, but it’s not appropriate on either business site (ConverStations or SmallBizTracks). These things might include:

  • Cooking
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Books
  • Scripture and Spiritual
  • Politics (not a chance)
  • Family/FriendsFun stuff
  • Uncategorized Images and Insights.

For weeks I’ve been thinking about reinvigorating this site with thoughts stuck in my head and heart, aching to get out, if for no other reason but to make room for new images and insights.

Occasionally, this kind of site is great as a whiteboard for ideas, even business ideas. A personal site like this is great for that kind of writing. It’s like a driving range for writing and articulating thoughts (Now that’s a business blog post, hmm?)

The way I began this post was as iff the conversation here never took a pause. And on a site like this, it’s more appropriate than an apology for being away so long. I never really went away, I just wrote and spoke elsewhere. So the conversation continues…

Photo from picjumbo

I really like it when a singer sings one from the heart. Here’s a rendition of Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.” by the originator, Steve Winwood.

This version seems to “feel it” and that transfers over to this listener.

This is a test run of the new SmallBizTracks show on BlogTalkRadio. I’m probably going to schedule these for Fridays, but that’s yet to be determined.

I tested removing the mic and talking straight into the phone about midway and there was a noticeable difference. The sound quality lessened when using the phone straight to my face. Using the mic will be better for both sound and hands free.

“I don’t know” … should never end in a period. Seek Better Answers

Until I Found One

August 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

Angela Sansone: HeroI never believed much in heroes
Except for the fictional kind
They’re great in books and movies
Never thought in real life I’d find

One who would be honest and true
Able to get serious and also have fun
Loving me in every failure and all falls
Loving others with an Audience of One

Knowing our union is of God above
It’s with great confidence and care
I keep plowed the road in front of you clean
So with others you can be shared

Know I love you
More than any previous day
If there’s anything you need or desire
We will find a way.

I love you, Angela!  Happy Anniversary :-)


Road To SomewhereWe’re on the move again. With God guiding our steps (Prov 20:24 & Prov 16:9).

While we have an outline and a map, an itinerary and a plan – we will always be ready to pivot on God’s command for the sake of Christ.

Some people may not understand – and sometimes, I’m not sure I do either. It’s not wanderlust. It’s not fear of commitment (to people). It is our life.

The confidence and trust we have is this: If our journey takes us in a direction we think is right, and it doesn’t turn out the way we have planned, we trust in God. Paul had a vision to build a church, got thrown in jail, and trusted in God. And the jailer and his family became members of the church (See Acts 16).

We have a vision. And yet, there is a possibility of something else.

“Because I am fragile. And I don’t know God’s plans.” - Susie Davis

That quote rung true and comforting, sending me to James 5:13-15 this morning as a reminder to always trust God, no matter the circumstance. For what is my life?

We soon depart for South Dakota as our next short-term mission. After South Dakota, the vision is in process of definition and preparation. If these planned paths get diverted for some reason (and also if they don’t), we look towards God – even if a diversion seems to be bad news. 

Photo on Flickr by Stuck in Customs


Slow Teaching

June 6, 2013 — 2 Comments

This scene from Mask of Zorro shows an example of “slow teaching”

And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; – 2 Tim 2:24-25

Sometimes, along life’s journeys, all we see is black before us. We don’t know, really, what tomorrow will bring.

I’ve learned that there may be multiple journeys in each of our lives. There are right paths (plural), says Ps 23:3 .

And that’s where faith becomes the foundation of our footstep.

You never know what events will transpire to get you home.

By focusing on the problem, we often fall short of seeing the solution. Rather, by looking beyond the problem we might see what no one else sees – and maybe what God wants you to see.

Here’s a scene from Patch Adams starring Robin Williams:

As Angela and I face a challenge, we consistently practice looking beyond the problems for solutions we cannot yet see (and rely on God for many unseen solutions). Here’s hoping you see new beginnings to old problems.

“Eight is a good answer.”

I Think. I Articulate. I Know.

At times, this three-step mental dance is a short exercise. Other times, it’s a lifelong journey – with the farthest way about being the closest way home. I know what I know once I articulate it in some form. And if I don’t know, let’s find out.

A short time ago, I believed personal interests could be shared on a business blog (mine is at ConverStations). I articulated such many times on that site. This no longer holds true for me. Yet I long to articulate certain things somewhere beside a Facebook page. This new site may become that place. I dunno – let’s find out.

While I will continue writing about Small Business, Social Media, and Web Presence on ConverStations, the thoughts shared here – these Armchair Articulations – will cover areas of interest, snapshots of interesting things I find, and questions or curiosities capturing my imaginations. Topics here include (at this writing):

  • Food: I love to cook and am recently (by choice) gluten-free. I experiment with food a lot these days and will share successes and failures.
  • Baseball: I love baseball. There are so many life lessons in the game. I may share thoughts on the theater between the lines on occasion (I don’t care much for the tabloid part of the game).
  • People: I love people. I don’t like labels, yet I recognize patterns … and wonder. I might think aloud on people from time to time.
  • Christ: I love my Lord. I don’t say it enough. I’ve not felt the arena of my business site was a platform for such sharing. This site can be – and I pray it will be.

I may share movie clips, poetry, song, and a lot of goodness around and about my wife. Though I rarely talk about civic matters, I may drop a thought here occasionally. I probably will experiment with design matters to this theme or placement of plugins now and again.

If this stuff bores you, thanks for stopping by once. If you share an interest, I look forward to engaging and sharing with you.

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